That dogs are great friends of humans is a universal truth.
It is corroborated even by the results of some investigations when they conclude that between dogs and people a bond similar to that of parents with their young children is established.
We know from experience that, when the relationship is consolidated, it is difficult to imagine the life of one without the other.
But sometimes, due to lack of time or any other reason, one may feel that the bond between dog and human is cooling down.
Because it's not all about feeding him, taking care of his health, taking daily walks or letting him cuddle by our side as we sit on the couch.
If you want to strengthen the relationship with your dog, there are many more things you can do for them:
The education of a dog is the basic pillar to achieve a good tuning with him.
Educate your dog in positive, without punishment, with affection and rewards, and you will have an animal sure of itself, integrated into the environment and happy.
Teach him the basic guidelines, such as "sit down", "get up" or "quiet" and progressively add other commands that you can perform together.
By educating him, he will notice that you care about him and your emotional bond will be narrowed.
An educated dog knows how to behave and will free you from having to control it at all times.
Surely you've heard about oxytocin, also known as the love hormone.
This substance not only intervenes in the relationship between humans, but also among animals.
It turns out that when we look at our furry ones, they increase their levels of oxytocin.
Oxytocin reduces negative feelings, such as anxiety or stress, and increases confidence and relaxation.
So do not skimp on your complicit and affectionate looks to your hairy one, because with this simple gesture, you will greatly strengthen the bond that unites you.
If you want to strengthen the ties that bind you to your dog, you must know very well what your dog's temperament, character and needs are. If they are extroverted, they will enjoy other dogs and humans. If they are somewhat shy, we will have to introduce their potential friends little by little.
Try to know everything that he dislike and what he loves, to avoid it or offer it. Observe when he is in the mood for activity and when he asks for calm, to schedule the activity or rest.
Dogs are intelligent beings, able to express with gestures and looks everything they want or need.
Through their body language they tell us if they are sad, happy, stressed, or how much they love us. In their own way, they always manage to let us know what they want.
Observation is essential to grasp the meaning of each gesture. If you sneeze, yawn and lick your lips, you may feel nervous. If he shows us his belly, he will be telling us that he has full confidence in us.
It will be enough to study the meaning of their gestures so that they feel understood and increase the affection they profess.
When you plan a joint excursion with your dog, you already have many positive points in the reinforcement of your affective bond.
Because there are few things that dogs like more than to frolic on the mountain, next to their human friend.
For your dog, running around, sniffing and exploring new landscapes and sounds with you, are experiences you will not forget, and you will not either.
Something you always have at hand, and never better said, is the opportunity to pet your dog to strengthen your relationship.
Do it with awareness, giving it all the attention it deserves and forgetting in those moments of your mobile, your TV or social networks.
Make sure your dog feels that you are for him. Before you start caressing him, call him by his name, look at him from time to time and talk to him in a loving tone.
If you have a dog that likes massages, do not deprive them of those moments of relaxation.
Start by doing gentle massage behind the ears, neck and back ... little by little you will discover what you like most and the pressure you want to receive.
This is another of the multiple ways to strengthen your relationship and your hairy will thank you infinitely.
When the weather is fine, what better idea than to prepare a picnic or lunch on the grass in the countryside?
As soon as you associate the word picnic with an outdoor exit, you will see it moving its tail, crazy with contentment.
Do not forget the basket with the tablecloth, the sandwiches, the drinks, the food of your dog and the occasional treat.
Take advantage of this day to strengthen your relationship, play with it and attend to your requests.
A good day in good company will be everything your dog needs to associate it with pleasant feelings that will make you have even more affection.
Proposing some sniffing exercises to a dog will strengthen your relationship, because it is precisely its most developed sense.
As they dominate the situation, dogs feel safe and satisfied with the challenge of finding and finding the objects that we have hidden from them.
These exercises admit as many variations as the human imagination that has proposed it: inside the home, in the park, in the countryside; using sweets or pieces of food that we will put in boxes or hidden places.
A healthy way to strengthen not only the muscles, but also the relationship with your dog, is to go jogging together.
In this way, both of you will benefit, since it is not the same to run alone than to do it with a partner who motivates us when we falter.
When your dog gets used to running with you on the mountain, the beach or the park, it will be the first one to be on the starting grid.
Take advantage of every moment you spend with your dog to really be with him.
The daily walk can become a precious time, especially if you park your problems and distractions to favor your bond with looks and affectionate words.
Concentrate on your hairy, synchronize your steps with his and let him know with your gestures and actions that you love to live with him these moments of relaxation.
Fortunately, there are more and more bars and restaurants where you can spend pleasant moments in the company of your dog.
It is a great occasion to enjoy a good breakfast, or eat relaxed, accompanied by the faithful friend.
The picture offered by people sitting at the table of restaurants with their dogs lying placidly at their feet is priceless.
Your dog will feel even more important if instead of staying alone at home you decide to share with him those places that you like so much.
If you want your dog to trust you and feel safe with your presence, you must maintain serenity even in cases where you do something tricky and you are about to lose your temper.
Dogs are highly sensitive and quickly capture the mood of the people with whom they live.
Instead of getting angry with him and yelling at him, take a deep breath and try to make him understand what is right and what is wrong.
Have you thought that traveling with your dog can strengthen your bond?
If you already know the experience, you will know that the benefits are so many that it is worth taking it with you, whether it is a short, medium or long journey.
In the event that it is the first time, we anticipate that your hairy is an excellent travel companion, always ready to go where you decide and to explore new territories.
This way you also avoid having to miss him for having left him in a shelter or in the house of relatives or friends.
The emotion that a child feels when he enters a toy store is something special, a moment in which happiness floods his face, while he throws us an accomplice look, as if to say: "I want this."
Because, in the end, our dogs are like children, why deprive them of these magical moments?
Take it with you to the establishment specializing in animals and let them choose the toy that most appeals to them.
In some way, your dog will feel more attached to you, by associating the new toy with a nice situation that you have created.
How to strengthen the bond with our dog?
To recover or strengthen the link with our furry, which provides so much complicity and security, we have to get down to work, be constant and have the necessary time.
Dogs feel safe, loved and happy with the words of affection, but above all with the facts.
Remember that they capture our love at all times: when we educate them, by training them to obey us, by offering them exercises of smell, or simply by having them as companions of our mountain races.
By reinforcing your bond, your dog will understand how much it means to you. Good luck in the effort!