We want to promote socio-cultural changes in favor of a more dignified moral and ethical treatment of companion animals, respecting their condition as sensitive living beings, based on the following points:
Sensitivity and awareness as the basis of responsible ownership

Animals are not resources at our disposal, they require our time, love and care. If we are going to share our life with them, we must do so with sensitivity and awareness.

Knowledge and empathy to meet their needs

If we learn to interpret the signs with which they communicate their happiness, their preferences and what bothers them, we will easily achieve their physical and emotional well-being.

Promote the value of the human-animal bond

The healing force of the emotional bond between humans and animals is indisputable, the benefits of living with animals on our mental health and its effects on our quality of life are undeniable.

Animals are members of our family

We claim the right that animals must be part of society and to be morally considered in every decision that affects them, and to move towards normalization, accessing the same places and areas that are available to the rest of the members of the family.

Train and educate children in respect for animals

Today's children are tomorrow's future. It is necessary that education in empathy towards animals is part of education and guarantee the achievement of values ​​that promote respect for living beings and the rights of animals.

Move from petting to responsible ownership

In the consumer society, the fact that animals become “pets” turn them into become market products that can suffer the uses of the consumer mentality. To reverse this situation, we must redefine our conceptions and relationships with animals based on the recognition that they are living beings.

Dismantle the idea of ​​private property of animals

Animals are sentient beings with specific needs. We must dismantle the idea of ​​their private property and replace it with guardianship and care.

Shelter associations such as managers of the welfare of abandoned animals

The systematic slaughter of abandoned dogs must be eradicated. No company without an ethical code of conduct based on animal welfare should be authorized to manage the collection of abandoned animals.

Promote adoptions and combat abandonment

The numbers of animal abandonment continue to be very alarming year after year. It is necessary to understand what reasons lead to abandonment, generate a social conscience of rejection, and propose solutions to avoid them, such as preventing impulsive gifts and unwanted litters.

Live in harmony with animals and nature

We are irremediably linked to nature and this contact is essential for full psychological and physical development. We must modify the cultural perception that leads us humans to visualize nature as an own resource of unlimited exploitation and take care of it and respect it.

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