Surely you have noticed that in the composition of many of our products we include the Provital Formula. But, exactly, what does this formula contribute to our furry friends’ health? First of all, it is interesting to highlight that we rely on phytotherapy to elaborate this successful formula. The concept may sound complex, but it […]

We are daily exposed to hundreds of videos on social networks or on television about dogs with an authentic and true connection with their guardians. That makes us think that maybe we could improve ours with our best friend. Your relationship is unique and special, but working on it even more will lead you to […]

Superfoods are foods which are considered particularly beneficial for one’s health and well-being. These may include fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other natural ingredients that are considered to be rich in essential nutrients for the animal’s body. Superfoods are often characterised by having a high content of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and they can also have […]

Dogs are omnivorous, which means they can eat both meat and vegetables. A dog’s diet should include an adequate combination of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals to keep it healthy. The amount and type of food a dog needs depends on its size, age, activity level, and other health considerations. The veterinarian is the […]

Currently, 55% of the world population lives in cities and it is estimated that by mid-century it will reach 70%. Yet 100 years ago only 2 out of 10 people lived in a city, and before that even fewer. The trend is that there are more and more people living in the city due to […]

Thanks to the continuous contributions of nutritionists, dieticians and medical professionals in general, the relationship between the way we eat and our health is something perfectly known by everyone. And this not only affects us, but also includes the dogs with whom we share our daily lives. We want to take care of their health […]

In the face of cases of dogs with inflammatory bowel disease, veterinarians first propose a change in diet. There is a temporary improvement in their health problems because a certain percentage of potentially harmful ingredients are eliminated or replaced. But this is not an infallible solution, often switching from an ultra-processed food to a more […]

What is hip dysplasia?

16 September, 2022

Hip dysplasia is one of the bone and joint diseases that most affects dogs. It is an anomaly of bone development that appears mainly in dogs that grow rapidly, which could result in a "poor fit" of the hip bones. The origin is a genetic predisposition that favors instability of the hip joint. As the […]

Salmon is rich in omega-3s Omega-3 fatty acids in the form of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) are one of the most important nutrients in this food. Pets do not have the enzymes necessary to convert omega-3 plant sources such as avocado, walnuts and flaxseed into DHA, so it is important to give […]

Dogs are our best friends, and we live with them in our daily lives. They are playful, affectionate animals and give us all their love. It is our responsibility to take care of them and provide them with everything that is necessary to guarantee their well-being. Among these obligations is the importance of correctly carrying […]

Cats are domestic animals with innumerable qualities: they are intelligent, elegant, and agile. There are those who see them as distant or unattached animals, more independent than dogs. But the truth is that they can become very affectionate. They are strictly carnivorous animals. Before living in homes, their natural diet was based on hunting rodents, […]

The digestive tract of the dog is home to an incredibly large population of organisms (including bacteria, protozoa, and fungi) that make up the microbiota or intestinal flora. Probiotics are the beneficial bacteriaors that dogs and cats need to maintain healthy levels of friendly bacteria in their gut and to avoid the possibility of pathogenic […]

Who cleans their dog’s teeth? It is a habit that, unlike humans, is not so established in the world of dogs. Canine dental cleaning is reserved for a veterinary practice and not so much a daily habit carried out at home. Although comparisons with humans are not entirely accurate, it is important to maintain good […]

The trend of natural feeding has exceeded the nutritional limits of croquettes and conventional feed. There is an increasing number of guardians who believe that a moisture-free and highly processed food should never be the basis of their dog’s feeding. And they also distrust industrial manufacturing processes. This audience has correctly dimensioned the importance of […]

External parasites are small hosts that lodge in the different layers of the dog’s skin. In addition to being annoying for the animal, they can cause injuries of varying severity, both due to an allergic reaction on the part of the dog, and due to the transmission of diseases of which they are potential carriers, […]

A good nutrition is the basis for a good health. We aren’t saying anything new, but it is important to know it well when we feed those we love most. Cats are animals that have specific nutritional needs, and certain evolutionary characteristics that must be considered when feeding them. In this article we share the […]

Dogs are animals whose diet, evolutionarily, has been composed of a high amount of protein. Descendants of the wolf, they are adapted to be fed mainly on animal protein sources, coming from hunting animals in the wild. While this is true, some observations can be made. On the one hand, the fact that they fed […]

All animals have a more developed sense than the rest. In the case of humans, we mainly depend on sight for our daily lives. However, in the case of dogs it is different. As human beings it is impossible for us to understand their sense of smell since we cannot understand the world through this […]

The most known rule for calculating a dog’s age in human years is to multiply their age by 7. Where does this come from? Is it true? There’s evidence of humans trying to calculate dog’s ages since the thirteenth century. An inscription on the Cosmati Pavement on Westminster Abbey, from year 1268, stated that a […]

Sometimes we can notice that little by little our dog is no longer who it was before. Active dogs that used to like to go for long walks and play suddenly begin to experience discomfort that slows down their pace of life and activity in general. These furry ones – who are not few – […]

Why do cats lick themselves? Cats are very special animals; all feline mothers and fathers surely know that. Cats know how to mark their times, both for the good and for the bad, but we agree that they are authentic beings of love and affection. They can also be very independent and carry out daily […]

Knowing what life stage your dog is in is very important, since each vital phase involves a series of different cares and needs. If we know them clear, we will be able to provide our life partner much better and guarantee that they grow up healthier both physically and emotionally. Meeting these specific needs involves […]

We cannot start 2022 in a better way than with fantastic news, since from January 5th, animals will no longer be considered "things". The Congress of Deputies gave green light to the new regulations by which animals will no longer be considered "real estate or things", to recognize their nature as "sentient beings" or living […]

Taking our furry friend on vacation with us is a good way to strengthen our bond. Many times we take them in the car, but we don’t know which is the correct and safest way to do it. Carrying our dogs incorrectly can become a serious danger not only for him, but also for the […]

What are stereotypies?

15 November, 2021

Stereotypies are abnormal behaviors characterized by persistent and repetitive actions that usually serve no purpose. This behavior can be related to a mental problem, although they generally derive from situations of serious stress, which indicate that the dog is in a situation of discomfort. That is why it normally occurs in animals that live in […]

The day you decide to adopt a dog is a day that will remain forever in your memory. It is a magical moment since it will mark a before and after in your family. Once the decision of expanding the family with a four-legged friend has been made, it’s time to decide which dog will […]

The coexistence between cats and dogs is possible, although, to tell the truth, on many occasions it can be a bit complicated. Without going any further, the nature of each of these animals is different, and sometimes their characters can be hard to combine. Cats are routine and very independent animals. They have their space, […]

It is a question that people who live with cats tend to ask themselves often. When we have a cat many times we doubt if they would feel more comfortable if they had company, and with it, the work that would mean for us to go from having a furry one, or two. First, we […]

The good weather arrives and along with the summer, comes the heat. It is very important that we take our pets into account, especially during this time of year, as extreme temperatures can be harmful to them. During the summer months, basic guidelines must be followed to prevent our partner from being too hot or […]

Sant Joan is back, and our tips are also back to make this day more enjoyable for our furry ones. Because as you know, fireworks and the noise of the firecrackers terrify many dogs, who spend one of the worst nights of the year. There are no miracles to combat this phobia quickly, easily and […]

Yes, you read that correctly, there is a dog that doesn’t bark, and it is the Basenji, the only breed in the world that doesn’t have the physical ability to bark. The reason they do not bark is due to the posture of their larynx and the structure of their vocal cords, which are narrower […]

We usually wonder if we could enrich the diet of our dogs by combining dry and wet food. Gosbi’s dry diet is a complete and balanced food, but we also have the possibility of offering a complete wet diet with Fresko, one of Gosbi’s wet food ranges. Also, within the humid ones, there is the […]

Vegetarian and vegan diets are spreading more and more in our society. Many studies are showing that indeed, humans can survive and even be healthier on a plant-based diet as long as it is balanced. However, the great dilemma appears when we think of our furry ones. Having decided to change my eating habits, does […]

A puppy at home

3 May, 2021

The arrival of a puppy at home involves a series of changes and adaptations for both the animal and the rest of the family. From this page, we want to give some tips to make this new situation a pleasant experience. However, check with your veterinarian regarding the health or behavior of your puppy in […]

Gosbi has launched a digital platform to connect animals from shelters with families that want to adopt. The page presents all the animals that are looking for a foster family. One of the purposes of Gosbi is to work so that there are no animals without family, for that reason the company has designed, […]

As a company, we are aware of the transformative power we have and the important role we play in society. We have a very clear philosophy and this is reflected in the way we work, do business and interact with the company’s stakeholders. That is why we have drafted and presented the Sustainability Report 2020, […]

Bath time is not always easy for many dogs. In fact, there are dogs who like water, however, they hate the shower. There are other dogs that neither like water nor do they like showers because they are afraid because of past experiences. Whatever the case, if our dog cannot calm down in the shower, […]

Most dogs have 5 toes on the front legs and 4 toes on the back. However, there are certain breeds (especially giant dog breeds) such as the Pyrenean Mastiff, the Beauceron or the Saint Bernard, which may have an extra finger on the dewclaw. These small structures that are not attached to the paw or […]

There are not many companies that allow their workers to go to work accompanied by their pet. Surely they would be many more if they knew the multiple benefits that, according to some studies, they have for workers, the work environment and productivity. Next, we will talk about the most relevant benefits of taking your […]

There are many festivities in our calendar that include fireworks during the celebrations. Firecrackers or fireworks can become a nightmare for many furry friends. There is no miracle to combat this phobia quickly, easily and fully effectively, but there are some things we can do to help them get through this moment with minimum suffering. […]

Little by little, the different territories and cities are progressing in the de-escalation phases, thus recovering the routines and rhythms prior to confinement. A few weeks ago, our pets had to adapt suddenly and without notice to have us all day at home. We have shared much more time with them than usual, but as […]

To cope with the confinement situation that we are living through which we are not used to, the best thing we can do is fight stress, anxiety and boredom. We are not alone in such discomforting state, also our dogs are affected by this situation, with the added difficulty of those who do not have […]

Throughout the history, the connection between humans and animals has been one of the most exclusive and long-lasting relationships in the world. This special bond benefits both humans and pets alike and it’s much more than simple friendship. People see their pets as important members of their family: they’re friends, companions and protectors. They are […]

That dogs are great friends of humans is a universal truth. It is corroborated even by the results of some investigations when they conclude that between dogs and people a bond similar to that of parents with their young children is established. We know from experience that, when the relationship is consolidated, it is difficult […]

Nowadays any communication method seems to be good Cualquier medio parece bueno hoy en día to spread a series of rumors about cats. In the street, parks, social networks, etc., we frequently encounter myths that lack of evidences. ‘Experts’ in rumours would say us that cats always fall on their feet, that they must give […]

Yawning is a reflex action that makes humans to open their mouths excessively, to inhale first slowly and deeply and then breathe out, in a prolonged and often noisy way. In dogs, the yawn is similar to ours and manifests itself with an open jaw and deep, deep breathing. If our dog spoke, he could […]

Many people wonder if sleeping with their furry friends is good or bad, both for humans and animals. It is a controversial issue that has both supporters and opponents. The reality is that the dream is a very cultural phenomenon, different according to the regions and time periods; although a priori it seems that everyone […]

We often wonder if our companion animals are living a full and happy life, since they cannot tell us themselves verbally. But what is a real happiness? The concept of “being happy” is complex even for us, humans and rational beings. The question that we should ask is perhaps this: Is my dog happy? Or: […]

comunication cat lenguaje felino entiende a tu gato chat

Cats have their own language; in this article we will explain what your cat is trying to say at different times. FACIAL EXPRESSION Cats have a lot of muscles in their faces which allows them to be very expressive. The infograph below explains the meaning of some different expressions. SOUNDS Some cat breeds are more […]


Cats need to scratch, and have various reasons for doing it: One is to take care of and file their nails to sharpen them and also remove old layers. Another is to mark their territory visually and by smell. The visual part is evident even to the eyes of humans and the smell part is […]


Cats drink a lot less water than dogs, but why? Felines are hunting animals, throughout their existence they have always lived on small animals, through the ingestion of which they got the water they needed in addition to the necessary nutrition. This vestige of their wild days is still present in their behaviour today, which […]

Dog on a car's window

When the summer holidays start and we decide to take our companions travelling with us we need to consider their needs and therefore plan the trip carefully. DOCUMENTATION: Prepare the necessary documentation for your pet. If you are travelling on public or shared transport, check their rules and requirements, in addition to those of hotels […]


We all have heard the phrase “the dog is the man’s best friend”, although it seems to be an idea that accompanies humans and dogs since we started to live together, the truth is that this phrase was pronounced for the first time On September 23rd, 1870 in a US trial, by the lawyer George […]


WHAT IS HEAT STROKE? Heat stroke is an increase in body temperature (hyperthermia) that exceeds the animal’s normal temperature to reach a point where the brain no longer reacts and does not activate the body’s temperature regulation mechanisms. If left untreated it can lead to death. In summer the temperatures are high, causing our bodies […]

Un perro blanco con manchas marrones y orejas largas esta en la orilla de la playa caminando alegremente y mirando a cámara

Going to the beach with dogs is really fun but you need to be well-prepared. To start with, not all beaches allow dogs, (click here to see which Spanish beaches allow dogs). And don’t think that dogs are immune to the Sun and not affected by its rays, or by the heat… Below are 10 […]


Celebrations that involve fireworks are bad days for those of us who have dogs. For them, these events are very unpleasant. The loud bangs and not being able to understand what is happening leaves dogs scared and feeling nervous, anxious and stressed for the duration of the event. Some people manage to desensitise them to […]

foto-isaac-revista-argos isaac con una rodilla en el suelo en un jardi rodeado de tres perros, dos golden y un galgo mini

Argos, the specialized journal for veterinary professionals, interviewed the CEO and founder of Gosbi Isaac Parés last May. In the interview you can read about the relationship between Gosbi and veterinaries, the new image of our products, our values and brand identity as well as Gosbi’s range of products. He also talked about the unique […]

Platges per a gossos a EspanyaPlatges per a gossos a Espanya, Playas para perros en España, Plages pour chiens en Espagne, Beaches for dogs in Spain

Some dogs love the beach, water and swimming. Unfortunately not all beaches allow our four-legged friends access, especially in summer and when the beaches are at their busiest and have restricted hours. In this article, we list all of Spain’s beaches that are allowing dogs in 2017. If you’re interested in any of the beaches, […]

Leishmaniosis que es what is qu-est ce que aquesta malaltia maladie simptomes simptomas sintoms i tractament Gosbi mosquit mosquito moustique 2

One of the climate-related illnesses that most affects dogs is leishmaniasis. It is caused by being bitten by a Leishmania mosquito (of the Phlebotomus genus) which can develop in dogs earlier or later. The illness has various consequences. If infected animals aren’t treated they can die, however, although this is a chronic illness, if they receive […]

Gosbits Fruits, the ethical snack made in Africa

At Gosbi, all our products are top quality and some of them also help people in third world countries. This is the case with Gosbits Fruits snacks which are produced in Adeisa, Ghana, Africa. These snacks are made 100% from dehydrated fruit making them ideal as a tastier, healthier treat for our furry friends. However, […]

Natural Food

Natural foods

4 May, 2017

This article was published in March 2017 in Especies PRO magazin Nature provides us with all the necessary elements for our daily diet to cover all our physiological needs and we can enjoy a long and healthy life. Our ability to decide which ingredients are included in a recipe, affects the balance between these elements and how […]

With the arrival of spring, ticks and fleas start to appear and latch on to dogs and other pets to feed on their blood. To avoid this unpleasant parasite attacking your dog the best thing you can do is prevent infestation. It’s important to avoid ticks and fleas as apart from transmitting diseases to humans, […]

¿Cómo conseguir que tu perro tenga un pelo sano y brillante? shiny fur hair dog coat gosbi how

Taking good care of their dog’s coat is an important issue that concerns dog-owners a lot and is one of the most common issues brought up with vets. That’s why we’re going to give you some tips in this article to get your best friend’s coat shining and looking healthier than ever.  First and foremost, we mustn’t […]

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