Cat Food

Quality is the central axis of GOSBI and is present in each of the steps of the production process. The raw materials that we use are of the highest quality in the sector, and are subject to a rigorous control of purity and nutritional power before being used.

We cook our food following our own method, which we are more than proud of, scrupulously controlling the process to ensure that we meet the quality standards with which we have committed. All our products carry a 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

Exclusive Grain Free

Discover the new Exclusive Grain Free Cat range and offer your cat a gourmet experience.

100% natural ingredients, with a high content of fresh meat and fish, guaranteeing an exquisite palatability.

Effective support for the health thanks to the ProCat Vital Formula, a combination of medicinal plants, nutrients, prebiotics and probiotics that strengthens the immune system.


In Gosbi Original we incorporate specific ingredients into our balanced recipes to promote ocular, cardiovascular, immune and intestinal health through algae, fruits and vegetables rich in natural antioxidants. Using dehydrated meat as a source of high quality protein we achieve a digestibility of more than 90%. Natural foods without gluten.


Gosbi Fresko wet food allows our pets to have a high quality natural food, made in a human food factory, with meats, fish, fruit and vegetables cooked in their own broth that make their appetite spectacular.


Maternal is a complete powdered food, suitable for the nutrition of puppies and kittens, replacing or supplementing breast milk in case of layers that need nutritional support.


Efficiency is the concept that defines this line of cat litters. Clean trays with minimal daily maintenance, eliminating dirty agglomerates to maintain a clean and fresh sandbox, disposing of very little product thanks to its great absorbent and binder power.
3 raw materials to choose from: bentonite, corn or vegetable fibers.


Helps reduce the effects of aging in cats and dogs.

With antioxidants, SOD (tocopherols and ascorbic acid) to help support a healthy immune system. Minimizes physiological oxidative processes.

Prevents, protects, maintains.


Malt oral paste to remove hairballs

High palatability

Contains Vitamin E, fatty acids and Taurine

Great dragging power

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