Celebrations that involve fireworks are bad days for those of us who have dogs. For them, these events are very unpleasant. The loud bangs and not being able to understand what is happening leaves dogs scared and feeling nervous, anxious and stressed for the duration of the event. Some people manage to desensitise them to the noises of fireworks but the norm is that dogs suffer as they don't know what is happening.

Here are 5 tips to calm your dog when there are fireworks or help him get through them as best he can.

Let them hide under the sofa, blankets, etc. When stressed, many dogs will tend to hide and run away to escape the situation. Don't tie them up (they might hurt themselves), but you need to make sure they can't escape. Many dogs escape and get lost during fireworks.

As your friend doesn't understand what's happening he will look to you. Transmit confidence when he needs it.

Take him for a walk before the fireworks are due to start and tire him out so he'll have less energy and therefore be calmer.

Stress and anxiety can cause loss of appetite for the duration of the fireworks and maybe the following hours. Make sure your dog has eaten and drunk enough water (especially if you live in a hot climate).

Relaxing your dog with sedatives is one option to avoid them suffering. There are medicines and homoeopathic products especially for dogs. Overall, check with your trusted vet before giving your dog any medication, never give these without checking with a professional first.