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Why did we activate this partnership
and which are our objectives

We are a brand that is firmly committed to the quality of our product, with the aim of offering solutions to families to be able to live a more natural, healthy, and happy life together with their animals.

The daily effort has guided our path, and the love for animals has marked the north, this is how we have grown, and we have been able to earn the trust of many families who have chosen us to feed their furry friends.

However, we want to take a step forward and reach more families. We want to give visibility to our brand, but above all we want to highlight the values ​​that have marked our path. We want to return to the animal world all that it has given us, and that is why we feel that our duty is to convey the respect and promote the normalization that all animals deserve through a mass channel.

It is for this reason that we have chosen to do it through a mass sport such as football. We believe that it is the ideal channel to spread our message in favor of normalization and respect for the animal world.

They have shown total predisposition to collaborate in the dissemination of love and respect for animals.

Girona F.C. is a football club with values ​​that fit very well with our business philosophy. It is a club with which we feel close, and since Day 1, they have shown total predisposition to collaborate in the dissemination of love and respect for animals, opening the doors to jointly devise a collaboration that goes far beyond a simple sponsorship.

We want to take advantage of our expertise of the animal world and the communicative and influential power of a club like Girona F.C. to put in value the love for pets and promote their well-being.

We know that if we go hand in hand with Girona we can go much further and do something that has never been done before: for a professional club to openly transmit the need to defend and respect the animal world.

It is very important for us not to focus the collaboration exclusively on the first team, as we regard a comprehensive sponsorship of all the club's teams, including Women's football, Academy, Genuine and Veterans. They are very good channels to transmit the values ​​of respect and commitment to the animal world and thus be able to go further.

Gosbi’s positioning regarding the animal world

As food manufacturers, we have the animal at the center of our activity, and we work for their well-being.

In parallel, we have developed various projects and initiatives with value for the community, aligned with our commitment to animal happiness. The collaboration with Girona F.C. is one of these projects, through which we want to spread values ​​around the respect and normalization of animals.

We humans, as the dominant biological species, have the possibility and the moral obligation to form a more fair and equitable community for all members, whether they are human or not.

We believe that everyone who has an animal at home must respect and satisfy all their needs, guaranteeing their physical, mental, and natural well-being.

We consider our animals as members of the family, and we are against the concept of “having a pet", which turns the animal into a market product that can undergo all the uses of the consumer mentality: fashion, the social distinction that exotic and exclusive imply, the collector's mania and overconsumption.

To change this situation, we must redefine our conceptions and relationships with animals based on the recognition that they are sensitive living beings with specific needs that differ from ours.

We must dismantle the idea of ​​private property of animals and replace it with their tutoring and care.

We must dismantle the idea of ​​private property of animals and replace it with their tutoring and care and thus favor sociocultural changes in favor of a more dignified moral and ethical treatment while respecting their animal condition. We are the guardians and caretakers of the family's animals, and not their owners.

The goal of the collaboration is to instill respect for animals. By respect, we also understand care and love. They must receive all the care they need, live in a space adapted to their needs and free of stress.

Anyone who has a furry friend at home, must ensure their health, with good maintenance through good nutrition and regular visits to the vet. They should bear in mind that an animal is a responsibility, and animals will be considered when making plans. At all times, their condition as an animal will be respected and we will act respecting their nature.

Obviously, any type of abuse or behavior that could make the animal suffer is totally out of the picture. We condemn abandonment and stand firmly against it. To avoid these extreme situations, we recommend establishing a bond with the animal and seeking advice from professionals such as educators or ethologists to improve behaviors.

And as for the adoption of animals, people must be very aware of the commitment that this act entails since they will be responsible for them for the rest of their lives.

Communications Strategy with Girona F.C.

We have decided to activate a communication strategy taking advantage of the club's structure and its sections: first team, women's first team, Academy, Genuine and Veterans. Through each of these sections, we will transmit a series of values ​​that will mark our communication plan with the club. These values, however, will be included in the objective of normalizing and disseminating the comprehensive respect that the animal world deserves.

The main objective of this agreement is to contribute to greater respect for animals. To do this, we will seek to increase our visibility through actions and advertising activations with the club. This visibility will contribute to the normalization of animals, and as a direct consequence will generate more awareness and respect in society towards them.

To go along with the strategy, we have set ourselves to give visibility to the animals, we have chosen different slogans that will represent each of the club’s teams to reinforce what we want to convey through more specific messages. Each slogan is stamped on the training or match jerseys of the different teams:


Animal instinct is the link of both Gosbi and Girona F.C.’s worlds. The player's instinct is what makes the difference when it comes to reaching the ball a second earlier or making a more successful pass. Human beings are animals, and instinct is what brings us closer to other species. We want to highlight this aspect, and we do so through the men's and women's first team training jerseys, and the women's team match kits. It will also be present at the Montilivi stadium through advertising posters.


Animal respect is the value we want to spread and one of the main reasons for this collaboration. We will do it through the jerseys of all Academy teams since we believe that educating children is the key to having responsible adults tomorrow. We will also do it through advertising posters in the stadium to reach all of Montilivi’s spectators.


Because of all their contributions to human beings, animals become true heroes. The furry ones give us love, company, loyalty, and in general they make us feel better. Animals are co-therapists in assisted therapies, they are also part of the security forces and perform tasks of vital importance in society. They are our heroes, and we want to put that in value. We will do it through the Genuine team jerseys, since they are people who face new challenges and overcome themselves day by day through sport, like real heroes.


People have a lot to learn from animals through the experiences we live with them. We often learn the simplest things thanks to our furry friends, and at the same time they also teach us learnings we cannot learn anywhere else. This motto is an honor to the experiences lived with the animals and to all that they can contribute to us. We have chosen veterans to defend this value, as they are players with a lot of knowledge and experience to contribute.


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