At Gosbi, all our products are top quality and some of them also help people in third world countries. This is the case with Gosbits Fruits snacks which are produced in Adeisa, Ghana, Africa.

These snacks are made 100% from dehydrated fruit making them ideal as a tastier, healthier treat for our furry friends. However, Gosbits Fruits is much more than just a healthy snack; it's an ethical product as it is produced on small family farms which are provided with technical advice and financial assistance. These farms form part of a project committed to Africa and Asia, with its headquarters in Switzerland, which has a plant in the African village of Adeisa (Ghana) the employees of which are local inhabitants. The factory has the Fairtrade certification which guarantees the workers good working conditions, transport to and from their villages and breakfast and lunch at the plant itself.

The cooperative forms part of a charity project that is also sustainable. It has a system that allows it to be powered using renewable energy thanks to solar panels and the biogas generated from the waste produced. Not to mention the fact that the fruit produced in Adeisa (Ghana) -specifically, pineapple, mango and coconut- has an extraordinary taste and quality.

Gosbits Fruits is a snack made 100% from fruit. It can be included in any diet, whether it be dogs with sensitive stomachs, atopy and/or allergies, food intolerances, elimination diets, excess weight, advanced age, bad breath or with sports nutrition for active dogs.

At Gosbi we have two flavours of Gosbits Fruits:

Gosbits Fruits pineapple and mango

Gosbits Fruits pineapple and passion fruit

We want the best for our pets, and it's also best to choose quality products that also help improve the environment.

Want to try them now you know the story behind them?


VIDEO - Gosbits Fruits, the ethical snack made in Africa

Gosbits Fruits, the ethical snack made in Africa video