The trend of natural feeding has exceeded the nutritional limits of croquettes and conventional feed. There is an increasing number of guardians who believe that a moisture-free and highly processed food should never be the basis of their dog's feeding. And they also distrust industrial manufacturing processes.

This audience has correctly dimensioned the importance of nutrition as the epicenter of health and in their search for alternatives to feed they find options such as diets based on raw foods, mainly meat, bones, leftovers and viscera that have not been cooked. Also known as BARF diets.

It is undoubtedly an upward trend, but very controversial because it has little scientific support and the potential risks it entails for health due to nutritional and food safety reasons.

Raw meat has a risk of bacterial contamination that does not disappear with the freezing process since bacteria are not eliminated, they are only temporarily inactive. By thawing raw food, bacteria can re-activate, multiply and produce diseases when ingested.

Without forgetting the imbalance inherent in this type of diet that makes it essential to use nutritional supplements to provide the vitamins, minerals and trace elements necessary for proper nutrition.

This is the great paradox of diets based on raw foods; Looking for a healthier diet for the dog can put its health and that of its owners at risk, since they can also become infected when handling the pet's food or feces.

Another alternative of natural food without preservatives is cooked food, which has eliminated the risk of bacterial contamination by the cooking to which its ingredients have been subjected, but whose conservation requires a frozen process with the practical disadvantages of storage and thawing that this entails.

With Natsbi appears a new alternative of natural feeding that brings together the best of cooked food at a nutritional level along with the safety and ease of use of the feed. No need to heat, defrost or rehydrate. It does not require time or dedication, even what is necessary to open the package and serve.

Natsbi is a new category of natural food, made with minimally processed ingredients and gently steamed without added water. Of course without any substance harmful to health, or chemical dyes or preservatives. Behind this new brand is Gosbi, a company that has been characterized by its constant innovation and its commitment to the specialized channel to market its products, which has led it to be the food brand most recommended by Spanish veterinarians in recent years for dogs without specific needs.

Natsbi recipes have a much higher amount of meat and fish than most wet food. They are between 85% and 90% depending on the recipe. This translates into a high protein content of great biological value with all the essential amino acids that the dog needs for good nutrition and a balanced intake of fats of great appetite and easy digestion. Each recipe has been supplemented with the nutritional additives necessary to guarantee its status as a complete food.

We all want the best for our dogs, but in terms of feeding there is so much information and it is often so confusing, that it is not easy to choose the most suitable one. As a result, the growing popularity of raw food leads to more and more consultations with the veterinarian, who continues to be the best reference where to seek advice and guidance before these problems arise.