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The most serious problem facing humanity is the alteration of its only possible habitat, this beautiful blue planet, to the point of seriously compromising our survival.

It produces an immense sadness to think that nature speaks while the human race does not listen to it.

We do not seem to realize that the best thing that can happen to the planet is that we change the lifestyle that we have invented.

More than recycling glass or plastics, what we have to do is recycle ourselves. At Gosbi, we started this transformation some time ago and we want to present our plan of action.

The purpose is to contribute to a healthier life by creating 7 commitments to improve the health and welfare of animals and the environment.

  1. Innovate to improve the health and well-being of companion animals
  2. Natural foods without appetizers, preservatives and artificial antioxidants
  3. Promote transparency in our product range
  4. Improve the environmental effectiveness of our facilities
  5. Minimize the impact on the environment of our production processes
  6. Improve the environmental effectiveness of our packaging
  7. Implement responsible sourcing

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