Going to the beach with dogs is really fun but you need to be well-prepared. To start with, not all beaches allow dogs, (click here to see which Spanish beaches allow dogs). And don’t think that dogs are immune to the Sun and not affected by its rays, or by the heat…

Below are 10 practical tips for taking your dog to the beach so will have peace of mind when you take your furry friends along with you:

1 – HYDRATION: Take lots of water (and make sure they drink often) and a parasol.

2 – BAGS: Be prepared and take bags to clean up after them.

3 – HEAT: Avoid the hottest time of the day.

4 – DEEP WATER: Avoid areas where the water is deep and with strong currents.

5 – DON’T FORCE THEM: Don’t force your dog to go in the sea if he doesn’t want to. Dogs who are not used to going in the water may be afraid. One alternative is spraying them with water every now and then.

6 – SAND: Protect the pads of their feet (if the sand can burn your feet it can burn theirs too!)

7 – SUN CREAM: Short-haired dogs or those that don’t have hair on their tummies need to be protected with sun cream for dogs (don’t use one for humans).

8 – SEAWATER: Make sure they don’t drink too much seawater. If they swallow a lot, it could give them diarrhoea (if this doesn’t stop, see a vet).

9 – SUPERVISE: Keep an eye on them at all times while they are in the water.

10 – SHOWER: Bath them in fresh water when you get home. Make sure they don’t have any sand or water in their ears.

Another piece of advice we would give is to contact the town hall of the beach you are going to to make sure it allows dogs.

We would also recommend asking how long it takes to get there, what services it has and if any of the town/city’s sewage pipes come out there (in this case it’s better to avoid them as the water may be dirty and unsanitary).