5 games at home to keep your cat entertained and stimulated

Oct 17, 2023

A cat’s life is full of curiosity and exploration, but what happens when your kitty cat needs an extra dose of excitement in his daily routine at home? It’s time to kick-start the fun with clever games! In this post, we’ll introduce you to five creative games designed to keep your cat entertained and stimulated while enjoying the comfort of their home.

Each moggy is unique in their gaming preferences, but these tips are sure to spark its hunter’s instinct, promote physical activity, and stimulate its curious mind. From simple toy games to interactive puzzles, you’ll discover how to enrich your cat’s life and further strengthen your bond.

  1. Hunting Game with Interactive Toys

When it comes to keeping your cat entertained and active at home, interactive toy hunting is a great option. These toys are designed to stimulate your feline friend’s natural hunting instinct and keep it engaged for hours.

To play this exciting game, you’ll need toys that mimic small prey, such as stuffed mice, feathers, or toys that resemble birds. Simply shake the toy in front of your cat to get its attention and then move it as if it was prey. Let your cat chase and “catch” the toy. It’s amazing how they can jump and stalk like real hunters!

This game not only encourages physical activity, but also stimulates your cat’s mind by challenging its planning and strategy skills. You can make the game even more interesting by hiding the toy behind furniture or curtains so your cat has to look for it.

Hunting with interactive toys is a fantastic way to keep your cat active at home while fostering its natural hunting instinct.

Keep your cat entertained and stimulated

  1. Hide and Seek with Treats

Another fun and stimulating game for your cat is the hide and seek game with treats. This game not only provides entertainment, but also challenges your cat’s mind while looking for delicious rewards.

To play, hide some cat treats in different places around your home. You can start with easy-to-find places and, as your cat becomes more skilled, increase the difficulty by hiding treats in more challenging places.

This game not only promotes physical activity, but also stimulates your cat’s thinking and smell. Cats have an exceptional sense of smell, and searching for treats awakens their tracking instinct.

An interesting variant of this game is to use treat dispensing toys, which require your cat to work to get its reward. These toys are designed for the cat to interact and solve the puzzle to release the treats.

In short, the game of hide and seek with treats is a fun and stimulating way to keep your cat engaged and mentally active at home.

  1. Construction of a Homemade Labyrinth

If you want to take the fun to the next level, consider building a home maze for your cat. Cats love to explore and this game provides them with an intriguing environment to do so.

You can build a maze using cardboard boxes, PVC tubes, or even existing furniture in your home. The idea is to create passageways and hiding areas that pique your cat’s curiosity. Add toys, blankets, or cushions inside to make it even more appealing.

The maze is a great way to keep your cat active and mentally stimulated. As your kitty explores the passageways and look for hiding places, it will be exercising its body and mind at the same time.

An interesting variant is to hide treats or toys inside the maze so that your cat has an extra reason to explore and discover.

This home game not only provides fun for your cat, but also allows you to use your creativity to create a stimulating and nurturing environment for your feline friend. 

  1. The Cardboard Box Game

Sometimes the simplest fun is the most effective way. The cardboard box set is a classic that most cats love. Best of all, you only need an empty cardboard box to get started.

Place a cardboard box on the floor and watch your cat approach it with curiosity. Cats love to explore confined spaces and will use the box as a hiding place, a place to stalk, or even as a jumping platform.

You can take this game to the next level by making holes in the box or cutting openings so that your cat can “hunt” through them. Place toys or treats inside the box so your cat has even more reason to play.

The cardboard box set is not only cheap and easy to set up, but also stimulates your cat’s play and exploration instinct in a fun and simple way.

  1. Puzzles and Mental Stimulation Toys

Puzzles and mental stimulation toys are a great way to keep your cat mentally active while having fun. These toys are designed to challenge your feline friend’s mind and reward it for solving puzzles or tasks.

There are a variety of mental stimulation toys available on the market, from treat puzzles to interactive toys that require your cat to manipulate pieces for a reward.

By introducing these toys into your cat’s routine, you’re promoting problem-solving, improving coordination, and providing a lasting source of entertainment. In addition, these toys can help prevent boredom and stress in cats that spend time indoors.

Make sure you choose the right toys for your cat’s size and ability, and supervise their play to ensure their safety.

In short, puzzles and mental stimulation toys are a great way to keep your cat mentally active and entertained while stimulating its wit and dexterity.

These tips and games will keep your cat entertained and stimulated at home, promoting its physical and mental well-being. Remember that each cat is unique, so experiment with these games and see what your furry friend’s favorites are. Have fun sharing special moments with your cat while enriching their life at home!

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