To cope with the confinement situation that we are living through which we are not
used to, the best thing we can do is fight stress, anxiety and boredom.

We are not alone in such discomforting state, also our dogs are affected by this
situation, with the added difficulty of those who do not have so many resources to
manage their emotions. Hence the importance of our role in proposing walks and
that will make this situation more bearable.
Let’s take advantage of the fact that we are allowed to go outside for a walk with them,
and for when we must stay indoors, we propose a list of games to keep them active
and entertained.

1. Starters
Does your dog know basic exercises like sitting or lying down? Do you have a
good answer to the call? All dogs should know how to do these exercises and
refresh them from time to time is a good idea. Why not now that you have time?

2. Bring my slippers
A classic. Dogs love the satisfaction correctly performing a task. Start by
teaching him the name of the item “slippers” and ask him to bring them to
you. In addition to stimulating your dog, you can impress your guests. It is
not easy, but the result is spectacular.

3. In which hand is the prize?
Just take a prize and place it in one of your hands, out of sight of the dog. Then
place both hands at the same time in front of the dog and allow him to
choose. If he sniffs or touches the right hand, open your hand and give the
prize. If it does not get it right the first time, do not worry, try again.

4. Hideout.
This one is guaranteed fun! Ideal for puppies and/or children. You can leave
your dog in “stay” if it already knows it, or you can just distract him while you
hide. Then call him once and wait. If your dog can not find you the first time,
call back to avoid frustrating your it, but allow it to advance and do better with
time. In addition to having a good time you will be reinforcing the call,
something that is very important.

5. Find the prizes.
Hide some prizes. Ask your dog to “stay” while you do it or if he will not “stay”
make it wait outside the room. Start with 3 or 4 easy-to-find ones and when the
dog get better at it, progressively open new rooms and places throughout the
house to make it harder. These types of games are great for them as they
stimulate their natural sense of smell and cognitive abilities.