6 benefits of taking the dog to work: “dog friendly” companies

Jun 19, 2020

There are not many companies that allow their workers to go to work accompanied by their pet. Surely they would be many more if they knew the multiple benefits that, according to some studies, they have for workers, the work environment and productivity.
Next, we will talk about the most relevant benefits of taking your dog to work.

1. Happier pet
Of course the first and most direct benefit is the welfare of the furry animal. Instead of having to spend hours and hours alone at home or under the responsibility of other people, they can enjoy the company of their human companions during workday.
This will significantly reduce the dog’s anxiety, increasing its quality of life and being able to appear calmer and more balanced during the rest of the time.

2. Happier humans
The workers will also enjoy more good humor during their day. It is proven that eye contact between dogs and humans increases the oxytocin levels of both. This means that the two benefit from the human-dog relationship by having a fuller and happier life.

3. Decrease stress
Several studies point out that furry animals in the offices diminish the anxiety of the workers, as much the owners of the pets as their coworkers.
Petting or simply communicating with a dog is a way to disconnect and relax, becoming a positive energy input for the person, that improves the general work environment.

4. Improve communication and teamwork
In addition, the furry animals facilitate communication between people, generating topics of conversation and pleasant moments around them. In this way, they promote communication between co-workers, establishing more positive affective bonds, since people are perceived as closer and friendlier.

5. Increase productivity and improve the image of the company
By creating a more positive, less stressful work environment and with more interaction between workers, several studies confirm that productivity is also positively affected by the presence of dogs in offices. Creativity is also benefited since it is encouraged by a more relaxed environment and by breaking the routine.
At the same time, people who avoid having their dog waiting alone at home or under the care of other people are less aware of the time, thus having more work flexibility and thus enjoying more their work.
It also improves the image of the brand, both from the point of view of consumers and other companies, the company being better positioned both in terms of customer relations and B2B relations.

6. Work-life balance
Dogs are part of the family. We love them as another member, if we can have them with us while we work will allow us to reconcile personal and family life with working life much easier. It allows us to save money if otherwise, we would have to leave them in charge of someone or in a kennel, in addition to being much calmer because we do not have to count the hours that he has been without our company.

Towards a more dog friendly world
As we can see, there are many benefits for both individuals and companies to give workers the opportunity to attend the job accompanied by their pets. Before putting it into practice, we must take into account and check that there are no companions with dog allergy problems that we could harm. In addition, if there is someone afraid of the dogs, we have to study the case to see how it can be managed and if it can be solved. Respect for the other coworkers must always be a priority.

Imagine a future with many more companies where workers enjoy the company of their furry animal during workday, is to walk towards a more dog friendly world that, without a doubt, will contribute to a society where humans and pets coexist in a full and happy way.