6 ways to identify which dog is the best

Oct 26, 2021

The day you decide to adopt a dog is a day that will remain forever in your memory. It is a magical moment since it will mark a before and after in your family. Once the decision of expanding the family with a four-legged friend has been made, it’s time to decide which dog will suit you the most.

There are many types of dogs, with very different needs and behaviors. It is very important to choose well since it will make things easier, and we will avoid uncomfortable situations in the future. We know that it is a very exciting time, and sometimes we can get carried away by the physical aspect of the animal, but it is important to know further and be thoughtful to reach the ideal match.

Here are the key aspects that should be considered to know which dog is the ideal:

Where we live

Our home and our environment are going to be essential when choosing a dog: it is very different to live in a studio in the city center, or in a large farm in the country. There are dogs that need a lot of space, and others not so much, and it is not necessarily related to size, since there are large dogs that are calm and associate being at home with sleeping, while there are other smaller furry ones that are more energetic.

We will analyze our home, the space we have, as well as our environment before deciding which type of dog will be the most appropriate.

Animal size

The size of the animal can be linked to the previous point, but there are other reasons to consider the size of your new best friend. You must assess the transport you have to move the animal, or the relationship you want to have with your friend, will it come with you everywhere? Will they stay home?

When we think of large dogs we must keep in mind the logistics behind them, just like a small dog.

Our lifestyle

Obviously, our lifestyle is going to be one of the main determinants when we choose a dog. It depends on how much time we spend at home, our intention to go with our dog everywhere, the amount of activity we do, etc. We will opt for a dog with some characteristics or others.

Our experience

Is it the first time we have a dog? Do we have knowledge of canine education? Before adopting a new member of the family, we must ask ourselves these questions, since there are dog breeds that need more mental stimulation due to their characteristics, while there are other ones that are very calm and perfect for beginners.

However, each dog is different, and we must bear in mind that, without a basic education, regardless of the breed, we could have problems in the future.

Are there kids at home?

Having young children is a determining factor when choosing a dog. There are types of dogs that are very protective of the youngest ones, and they can be great caregivers. However, there are other dogs that are more independent, or older, and may be overwhelmed by the presence of children.

You have an allergy?

There are dogs that due to their coat condition may be more prone to causing allergies than others. The Poodle, Maltese Bichon or Spaniel are breeds that generally do not cause allergies.