DeliCat, the new and delicious complete wet food for cats

Mar 20, 2023

Those of us who have cats know it: these animals are not easy to please, and even more so when it comes to their food. The taste, texture, and of course the quality of the product play a very important role when it comes to satisfying a cat, and this can make us pet parents feel full of doubt. Aside from making sure that they eat, it is also our responsibility to provide them the nutrients and hydration they need, taking into account the good maintenance of their health.

Why is it important to give my cat wet food?

Your puss comes from a large family of hunters used to drinking little and who would obtain the water they needed through the prey they hunted. That, as you may have guessed, has changed a lot over the years and probably isn’t the case of your pet kitten, who doesn’t need to hunt to survive. Still, that doesn’t mean your cat doesn’t need proper hydration, and a good way to make sure it gets it is through wet feeding. Water is essential to avoid urinary and constipation problems, and it also helps feel more satiated when eating. If, in addition, it is a complete food, you will make sure that your cat is receiving all the nutrients it needs to run, jump and play healthy and happily.

DeliCat, a first in our complete wet feeding offer for cats

Cats and kittens of the world, please welcome DeliCat, a new line of complete wet foods made with natural and fresh ingredients, grain free, and steamed at low temperature, with which you are going to lick your whiskers! Presented in pouch envelopes very easy to open and serve, this delicacy with a high content of fresh meat and taurine will make you earn the unconditional love of your cat, and at the same time, will be taking care of its health.

Healthier, smarter and happier cats

Offering Delicat to your cat will help it to be healthier and stronger, avoiding many diseases and delaying aging, thanks to antioxidants that help neutralize free radicals, fight inflammation, and which are beneficial for the whole body, and especially, the brain.

In addition, with this balanced diet, rich in calcium, vitamins and fatty acids such as omega-3, your cat will boast about having the healthiest and strongest bones and muscles in the neighborhood; and thanks to the taurine included in all recipes, DeliCat will help it carry out the best performance of its heart and, thus, to live a full and healthy life.

As it contains the best fresh and natural ingredients, your cat will get the necessary nutritional contribution to obtain all the energy it needs; and also thanks to the undeniable taste of Delicat, it will be the happiest cat in the world.

Also suitable for kittens and sterilized cats

Our DeliCat offers options for all types of cats, whether your puss is sterilized or a kitten of growing age. So they can enjoy a tasty and nutritious delicacy while taking care of their health and delaying their aging.

Will you keep your cat from trying the new DeliCat? Click here and find yours!