May 18, 2023

  • Size → Large
  • Weight → 14-20 kg in males and 12-19 kg in females.
  • Height → 50 – 60 cm in males and 48 – 56 cm in females. 
  • Life expectancy:→  from 10 to 12 years● FCI Classification → Group 9, section 1


The Border Collie is considered to be an extremely intelligent, energetic, acrobatic and athletic dog, and generally competes with great success in herding contests and other canine sports. They are considered to be the most intelligent domestic dog breed.

Origin of Border Collie

Most Border Collies are descended from a single dog named Old Hemp, born in Northumberland, England in 1893. His breeder, Adam Telfer, obtained it by crossing Roy, a traditional black and brown sheepdog, with a Sighthound named Meg. Old Hemp was a quiet, robust, and sociable dog, who guided the sheep instinctively and very characteristically, stalking them in a circle. His ease with sheep became very famous, and many shepherds in the surrounding counties used him as a stallion, thus making Old Hemp’s herding style one of the main features of Border Collies.

Recommended Physical Activity

Border Collies are very intelligent and active dogs that need to exercise to maintain a good mental balance. Boredom and lack of stimulation can lead to unhappiness and behavioral problems. Daily walks are necessary, preferably at least 30 minutes 3 times a day They are also the ideal breed to practice Agility, for their agility and their ease of learning and obeying orders.

Character of Border Collie

He is very loyal and comes to forge an unconditional bond with his guardians. Its look is one of its main characteristics: in the moments of work it never takes it away from its leader, denoting an uncommon ability to concentrate in the rest of the dog breeds. He is happy when he works, he enjoys doing it. His strong herding instinct, added to his tenacity and endurance, places him among the breeds most required to gather, control and lead herds, resulting in the best breed of shepherd dog in existence. Sometimes without their leader they can be a little scary, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that they are the smartest dog breed.