Cooked or raw food, is the dilemma over? Food is health.

Oct 17, 2022

Thanks to the continuous contributions of nutritionists, dieticians and medical professionals in general, the relationship between the way we eat and our health is something perfectly known by everyone. And this not only affects us, but also includes the dogs with whom we share our daily lives. We want to take care of their health in the same way that we do with ours, something logical when speaking about another family member.

The first revolution in canine nutrition: The what.

A few years ago, canine nutrition underwent a revolution that materialized in the importance of using quality natural ingredients; giving priority to freshness in them; ensuring that all recipes were complete and balanced with the necessary contribution of vitamins and minerals; or the introduction of beneficial natural ingredients for health, to cite some clear examples. And brands like Gosbi became the benchmark for superior quality in dry and wet food on their own merits.

The second revolution: The how.

More recently, a debate that is reaching its peak has gained prominence: which is the cooking technique that is most suitable for the healthiest and most natural diet possible. It is remarkable the appearance of different types of options, sometimes antagonistic, which are worth analyzing for their correct assessment.

A barfarity?

The recent appearance of the Barf diet is surprising, which is directly committed to feeding raw meat (muscles, viscera, meaty bones…) and raw vegetables (fruits and vegetables), alluding to the most primitive and primal instincts of dogs. But the vet sector has already started to warn about the negative aspects that it can cause. From aspects to take into account such as the need to supplement this diet with vitamins and minerals to cover all the needs of the animal. Serious risks to the food health of the animal due to the appearance of pathogens in the event of breaking the cold chain as a result of the lack of a cooking process. These warnings have been confirmed by recent actions by health authorities blocking shipments of this type of food in the United States, both to preserve the health of the animals as well as the people who live with them. Not to mention also the inconveniences that exist regarding our own comfort, such as the large storage space that it requires in the freezer.

With affection and love is not enough.

Parallel to this option, a trend has also emerged that we could classify as nostalgic-vintage: homemade dog food made with all the care and love. Undoubtedly a suggestive proposal that connects us with memories of our childhood. But that is generating many doubts of credibility among consumers. Doubting even the personalization of each menu according to the specific needs of each animal that some promise.

In addition, these options perform cooking by boiling or combining mixed techniques such as stews. And this causes a loss of nutrients in general, especially vitamins and minerals that remain in the water that has previously been added. Bad news when we seek maximum naturalness…

The option for the most demanding

Fortunately, the consumer has more options. At this point, it is very appropriate to ask what has been the position of the great references in current canine nutrition such as Gosbi. And consistency with its principles has once again paid off with Natsbi. The next step in natural canine nutrition born from the hand of Gosbi: a serious, quality proposal with all the nutritional and food guarantees. The definition of its characteristics makes Natsbi the true reference in the market. All their recipes contain a minimum of 85% meat or fish, without viscera. It does not contain added water, so it better preserves vitamins and minerals. And its very gentle steam cooking respects the rest of the nutrients and the original flavor of the natural ingredients to the maximum, so your dog enjoys much more in each bite. Last but not least, the convenience that only once opened does it need a refrigerator, and with total food safety because it is a previously cooked product.

In short, although there are multiple offers on the market, for the most demanding the real option is Natsbi.