How to strengthen the bond with your dog?

Jan 18, 2023

We are daily exposed to hundreds of videos on social networks or on television about dogs with an authentic and true connection with their guardians. That makes us think that maybe we could improve ours with our best friend. Your relationship is unique and special, but working on it even more will lead you to a much more enriching reality than the current one.

Having a good bond with your dog means having a happier life.

A dog that has a good bond with its guardian is more likely to have a happy and satisfying life, improving his quality of life and its relationship with you. The benefits of having a good bond will be for both of you. One of the most important benefits is improved safety, because a dog that has a good bond with its guardian is more likely to respond quickly to obedience commands and it is easier to control in stressful or dangerous situations.

Another important benefit is the strengthening of trust – a dog who trusts his companion is more likely to respond to his call and feel more secure in stressful situations. Therefore, the training will be reinforced, since a dog with a good bond is more receptive to training and is more likely to learn new tricks and desired behaviors.

With all this, the dog will have better mental and physical health, translated into more happiness, which will improve its quality of life and your relationship. You will be able to take it with you everywhere, and you will have a positive stress-free relationship. He’ll understand you and you’ll understand him, and there’s nothing more wonderful than this.

Strengthening the bond with your dog takes time and effort, but the effort is worth it to achieve a happier life together. Here are the 5 keys to strengthen your bond:

The 5 keys to improving the bond with your dog:

  1. Spending quality time together: Spending quality time playing, taking walks, and doing activities together will help strengthen the bond between you and your dog. At the same time, your dog will feel safer by your side.
  2. Team Training: Team training is a great way to strengthen the bond between you and your dog. In addition to helping your dog learn new tricks, it will also help improve communication and trust between you. Ways to train together like practicing a sport, such as agility or canicross, or practicing tricks on a regular and recurring basis.
  3. Effective communication and positive reinforcement: Learning to communicate effectively with your dog is essential to strengthen the bond, thus it is important to know its signals and understand its body language. Once we understand him and know how to communicate with him, positive reinforcement when we communicate and teach him things will be essential for a good bond.
  4. Provide care and affection: Spending time daily to pet your dog, playing with him and giving him love and play is basic. It gives a meaning to having a dog, and in addition, you will also benefit directly, because petting a dog promotes the secretion endorphins and dopamine, the hormones of happiness.
  5. Establish a routine: Establishing a daily routine will help your dog know what to expect and will make him feel safer and more comfortable. It is vital to include time to play, train and walk together in your daily routine.