How to travel with your dog by car

Dec 9, 2021

Taking our furry friend on vacation with us is a good way to strengthen our bond. Many times we take them in the car, but we don’t know which is the correct and safest way to do it. Carrying our dogs incorrectly can become a serious danger not only for him, but also for the rest of the passengers of the vehicle. Here are the keys to travel with your dog in the safest way:

Always in the rear seats or in the trunk:

It is very important that at all times the driver has freedom of movement and no interference in the vision of the road. This can be threatened if the dog goes in the passenger seat area, in addition to that, in the event of an accident or collision, the airbag would pop out, which obviously is not designed to cushion a dog, so it could cause serious injuries. Therefore, we will always carry our dog in the rear seats, or in the trunk.

Harness with two hooks:

The harness with two hooks, together with the kennel, is the most recommended method by the DGT. Our furry pal must travel in the back seats of the car with the double hitch harness on, which will be attached to the vehicle’s seat belt. It is important that the joint system is short, to avoid collision with the front seats.


The kennel is probably the best option to travel with our dog. This should always go on the floor, either in the front seats, or in the trunk. If the dog is small, the carrier will probably fit on the rear bench, and if it is large, it is best to carry it in the trunk.

Separating grid:

If we carry our dog in the trunk, even if he goes in the kennel, it is highly recommended to carry a cargo dividing rack in the trunk. This will allow the dog not to be thrown in the event of a collision or accident, guaranteeing the safety of the animal and of all the occupants of the vehicle.

Tips for traveling by car with our dog:

  • Not feeding the dog just before leaving
  • Keep making stops on the way
  • Ensure good hydration of the dog throughout the trip
  • Be always aware of the vehicle temperature
  • Do not leave the dog alone inside the vehicle
  • For every stop, watch the place to stop, and tie the dog before opening the car doors