Gastritis in dogs and cats

Mar 2, 2023

Being mothers and fathers of pets means adapting our lives to the well-being of this family member by providing food, moments of fun and stimulation, affection, and a home where to live. We also worry when it seems to be down, or even when we detect symptoms that something is not working as it should; and that is when we decide to visit our trusted veterinarian to help us reverse this situation.

One of these situations can be caused by gastritis, a very common (and usually mild) pathology in both dogs and cats, and this reaction on our part is certainly the right one. But is there anything we can do to prevent this kind of situation? The answer is yes, and next we explain it to you.


What exactly is gastritis, and how does it affect dogs and cats?

Surely it is a term that you have heard many times, also in the human field; and you will probably already know that it is related to the digestive tract. Both conclusions are correct. Gastritis is a pathology caused by inflammation of the gastric mucosa or stomach wall. How can this happen to my dog or cat? Well, for many reasons, although the most frequent are the intake of food in poor condition or toxic, after a pharmacological treatment, by a viral infection or by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori, by the formation of hairballs, or even by stress!

A dog or cat affected by gastritis will present mainly vomiting, often of a transparent or yellowish tone; although it is also likely that we observe loss of appetite, that they seem to be more down than normal or that they feel pain in the abdomen area. Although in most cases it is considered a mild disease, in some others it can lead to more serious conditions, such as chronic gastritis, which could even lead to gastric ulcers.

How should we act if we detect these symptoms in our dog or cat?

It is very clear to us, and it is to visit our trusted veterinarian so that he can observe our pet and determine an accurate diagnosis. The animal expert will inform us specifically what it is, what is the cause and how to treat this disease, which is usually done through a tailor-made diet taking into account the state of gastritis and the characteristics of our dog or cat. That is why it is important to seek professional advice and not make decisions on our own.

Prevention: Our ally against gastritis

Now let’s go a little further. You may be wondering if you could have done something to avoid this situation, and the answer is yes. Being a parent of pets also involves adopting good habits related to the physical health of its digestive tract, including giving it a good education to prevent it from eating street food or garbage, offering it a quality diet and providing it with a safe environment free of toxic substances. But to boost all these habits and give our best friend good protection against gastritis, we have your best ally…

Vetsbi G, the multifunctional gastric protector that treats and prevents gastritis

From this month you will find in your trusted veterinary clinic the new Vetsbi G, from the Vetsbi complementary food line. It is a palatable oral powder that acts as a gastric protector, improving the mucosal barrier to protect it and stimulating the production of gastric mucus thanks to its content of magnesium hydroxide, calcium carbonate, aloe vera, glycyrrhiza glabra -which acts against the bacterium Helicobacter pylori– and fenugreek extract -with a high antiulcer potential. At the same time, it exerts an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity thanks to vitamin E and methylsulfonylmethane. In conclusion, the best combination to keep your pet’s stomach in the best physiological conditions and thus avoid unfortunate episodes.

At Gosbi we are committed to the professional and personalized attention that animal experts will provide you; and that is why Vetsbi G is a nutraceutical product that you can purchase only under veterinary prescription. So do not hesitate to visit your veterinarian to protect the digestive health of your best friend and prevent one of the most common pathologies in dogs and cats.

If you want to learn more about our nutraceutical products from the Vetsbi line, you will find it on the Gosbi website.