Healthy food for a happy life

We make food for your pet based on the Mediterranean diet. Health and well-being are our main goal. We cook very slowly to ensure all the nutrients are held safe and the taste for your best friend is outstanding.

Why Gosbi?

We want to give back to the animals everything that they’ve given us, improving their health through the best possible diet

Natural Ingredients

Our food is made with minimally processed natural ingredients of the highest quality that nutritionally support pets

Slowly cooked

We cook our food very slowly and carefully in order to preserve all the nutrients of the ingredients

Meat and/or fish always as a first ingredient

As carnivores, its important that our pets have high quality food with meat or fish always as the first ingredient

Proteins of animal origin

All the proteins of our foods comes from animal origin to guarantee the best possible quality of the amino acids our pets get

No artificial preservatives or antioxidants

All ingredients we use provide nutrient value. Since we use natural ingredients we don’t use any artificial preservatives or antioxidants

GMO free

We don’t use genetically modified organisms in any of our recipes.

No by-products

We use high-quality ingredients and the noble parts of the meat in order to provide a richer diet


We are certified by PETA for not conducting experiments or tests on animals in the food manufacturing process.

Mediterranean Gourmet

We have different ranges for both your cat or your dog, all made with natural ingredients that will make them live a happier and healthier life

What makes us different?

We know for sure that business goes beyond income statements and statistics, and that we can grow in a sustainable way. There are alternative ways of doing things, and this is the spirit that has inspired us all these years to remain faithful to our principles. 


Our spine is built from the values that represent us. Social Responsibility is not a job of a single department, but it’s intrinsic to all the company’s activities and processes.

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