The risks of raw food for dog digestion

Dec 13, 2022

Dogs are omnivorous, which means they can eat both meat and vegetables. A dog’s diet should include an adequate combination of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals to keep it healthy.

The amount and type of food a dog needs depends on its size, age, activity level, and other health considerations. The veterinarian is the person who can best advise on the dog’s diet, in terms of specific needs and characteristics of the animal.

The best food option for a dog is one that is suitable for its age, size, activity level, and other health considerations. Natural dog food, which is based on fresh and unprocessed ingredients, can be a good choice, as long as it provides the necessary nutrients to keep the dog healthy.

Raw meat can be a nutritious source for dogs, as it contains proteins and other essential nutrients for their diet. However, it may also carry some risks to the digestion of dogs.

When dogs consume raw meat, their digestive systems may be exposed to bacteria and other pathogens found in uncooked meat such as salmonellosis or E.coli bacteria. This can cause gastrointestinal infections, which can lead to symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, and lack of appetite.

In addition, raw meat may contain parasites, such as worms, that can cause disease in dogs. These parasites can be difficult to detect and can cause long-term damage to the dog’s digestive system.

If you go for raw food, your dog’s health will be at risk as well, since it may contain bones that can cause obstructions or choking. These can splinter, causing internal injury to the animal.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that raw meat given to dogs is free of pathogens and parasites. The best way to do this is to cook the meat thoroughly before giving it to the dogs. Thus, potentially dangerous bacteria and parasites will be eliminated, which will help prevent digestive problems in dogs.

In short, raw meat can be a nutritious source for dogs, but it can also carry risks for their digestion. Cooking their meal at home can also be risky, especially if you use inappropriate ingredients or follow a recipe that does not provide adequate nutrition.

For this, the solution to feed a dog in the most natural and safe way possible,is to choose a cooked option, elaborated by specialists to ensure that it is a balanced, complete and tasty recipe. Natsbi appears as an alternative to the BARF options, made from fresh ingredients, but with the certainty of having been gently steamed previously. Therefore, it also becomes a very convenient option, since unlike raw food, it needs neither refrigeration nor freezing.