Can dogs and cats live together?

Oct 5, 2021

The coexistence between cats and dogs is possible, although, to tell the truth, on many occasions it can be a bit complicated. Without going any further, the nature of each of these animals is different, and sometimes their characters can be hard to combine.

Cats are routine and very independent animals. They have their space, and they need it to be respected. Instead, dogs are animals that learn to live under a herd hierarchy. They like interaction better, so certain attitudes of dogs can overwhelm your kitty.

A good coexistence between all the animals in the house is essential to have a happy home. Getting there is not always easy, but in this article, we will tell you some tricks to make it as fluid as possible.

How should I introduce them?

The best situation to introduce our furry pets is always when they are puppies. In the first months of life of both animals, it is when the socialization takes place, and if they get used to the presence of each other at this moment of their life, the coexistence later will be much more natural for them.

If we are talking about adults, before introducing them, a series of aspects must be considered. The nature of dogs leads them to chase anything that runs away or runs fast, especially hunting dogs. Having an adult hunting dog getting used to a cat can be a very challenging task that should be supervised by an educator.
If your dog is not a hunter, here are some good guidelines before introducing them to a cat:

1. Getting used to their smells

The best way to start is by approaching them through scent. The animals will be in separate spaces, but we can bring the toys or the dog’s bed closer to the cat’s space, and vice versa. This will help them become familiar with each other.

2. Let them be seen through separate spaces

Once a few days have passed and both animals have become used to the other’s smell, they should be in separate rooms so that they can see each other but cannot cross each other’s space. A good resource for this are baby fences.

It is very important that the separator is secure and that the dog cannot knock it over. The cat must feel that its space is not invaded and must have security. Being able to observe the dog from a high place will be flattering.

3. We will bring them closer little by little

When we see that both animals are calm and tolerate the presence of the other well, it will be time to remove the separation between them. To do this, first we will take our dog for a walk. Once tired, the acceptance of the cat will be easier. At home, relaxed and with a full belly, we will remove the separation between them.

It is important to have our dog restrained, ideally on a leash. The cat must be able to escape, so we will not hold it or immobilize it in any case.

We will allow both animals to approach at their own pace and without pressing them. It is always important to be calm. In the end, our animals perceive our emotions, and it is very important to transmit the correct ones to them.

Once introduced, it will be very important that each animal has its own space, with its own feeders and drinkers, beds, and toys.

The coexistence between dogs and cats is possible, with love and patience great things can be achieved, although it is always recommended that they meet at their youngest stage. With dedication and respecting their times, we can find a balance at home and live harmoniously.