Social impact

We are very aware of the transformative role that we have as a company, and that the bigger we get, the more responsibility we have.

At Gosbi we know who we are, where we come from and where we are going. We believe in the importance of how over what, as well as staying true to our principles by having a solid and strong identity. We manufacture quality and sell trust, commitment, future, and enthusiasm, but above all we are humble, transparent and we promote respect and recognition of our furry friends, always with a strong and determined personality.

Our impact strategy is focused on respect and animal welfare, directly impacting our community and the people who live with their furry ones. We currently have different projects that reaffirm this strategy, based on the bottom-up methodology and with a multifunctional orientation, since we believe that it is the best way to increase the impact that we generate from Gosbi.

What do we do to generate impact in Gosbi?

We believe that the company is made up of the people who work in it, and for this reason we believe that they are one of the most important assets placing Gosbi where it is today. Professional development and well-being of all colleagues are a priority for the company, and we aim to generate an empathetic and committed corporate culture, promoting a sustainable philosophy within the Gosbi family.

How do we impact our community?

The love for animals has always been our driving force, and that is why we constantly work for their well-being, and to find new ways to improve coexistence, helping to create a better world for people and their furry ones.

Animal Respect on Tour

Animal Respect on Tour is a movement that was born from the collaboration with Girona FC and whose objective is to travel throughout the country looking for stories and projects that raise awareness and promote animal respect.

Through the @animalrespect_ontour account, followers can dive into the animal world, told through emotional stories on the street, visits to key places of interest such as entities, institutions or centers dedicated to animal welfare. Animal respect is one of our main motivations and we believe that our duty is to spread this message as much as possible.

In a van that tours around Spain, we look for the most moving stories and the most interesting projects and give them a voice through the instagram account @animalrespect_ontour.


It arises from the Animal Respect on Tour movement. In each trip, with the dual purpose of promoting respect for animals and valuing local culture, a local urban artist is contacted who paints a mural on a wall in each location with the theme of respect for animals as the protagonist.

The objective is to "leave a mark" in all the cities visited and at the same time decorate the cities with murals where animals are the main characters. It is our way of defending culture, and at the same time reaching a different audience. During 2021 murals have been made in Girona, Ponferrada, Málaga, Madrid, Lugo, Oviedo, Miranda de Ebro, and San Sebastián

Regular donations

We know that we have a direct way to help the shelters and it is through food.

Besides regular donations, we also take advantage of Girona FC's trips and choose a local shelter from the cities where the team plays to donate 300 kg of food. During the game, the president of the club offers a symbolic check together with representatives of the rival club. In 2021, within the framework of the Animal Respect on Tour and with Girona FC, a total of almost 7,000 kg has been given.

Animal Respect Challenge

With the aim of continuing to spread respect for animals, we have started an educational project for schools throughout Catalonia, where students work on different challenges with animal welfare and respect as the main objective.

The project, replicable and lasting three months, has the involvement of schools, where students work in groups in a coordinated manner to find solutions to real challenges. At the end of the project, the ideas that emerge from the proposed challenge are submitted to the competition, and a jury selects the best ones to present them to the Gosbi team and be able to materialize them.

In this way, Gosbi brings animal respect to the classroom and is involved directly and in coordination with teachers, in the educational world.

Los Adoptadores is a web platform that is active since March 2021 that was born with the aim of giving out dogs and cats from shelters with more difficulties. That is why we have designed, planned, and executed this web platform as a continuation of the previous annual Los Adoptadores campaigns in which all families who adopted the previous year were rewarded.

In this evolution of our adoption support program, Gosbi adopts a proactive role and makes available to all families the animals in its network of collaborating shelters, currently made up of 413 entities spread throughout Spain.

The purpose is to give maximum visibility to the furry ones who are looking for a family, thus facilitating their adoption. To achieve the perfect encounter, from the page you can filter the animals by type of pet, proximity to the protector and by their characteristics. Having so many animal profiles on a single website is key for future adopters to find the animal they are looking for.

Don't hesitate to share if you know someone who wants to increase their family!

Gosbi Table

The Gosbi Table arises from the idea that animals are full members of our family. We identified that an activity as common as going to eat at a restaurant, many times cannot be carried out with the whole family, since there are establishments that do not allow dogs to enter. The Gosbi Table is a project that was born to facilitate the entry of dogs to restaurants that want to be part of it, offering a special menu for animals and a whole new experience for the user.

Mas l'Arbreda

Mas l'Arbreda is a country house located in Vall del Llémena (Girona), where we are working on a project around nature, animals and our relationship with it. The project was born with the interest of promoting education and awareness of our rural, environmental, and social heritage, and true to our values ​​we make a brave commitment to sustainability and self-sufficiency by contributing to education for respect and love for animals.

One of the main axes of the Mas l'Arbreda project is the promotion of the native breeds of our territory. Currently almost all Catalan native breeds are in danger of extinction. This sad situation has come about because more productive foreign breeds have been prioritized, which are much more profitable, especially due to the intensive livestock model.

At Mas l'Arbreda we want to contribute to the recovery and conservation of the native Catalan breeds, and to make them known and bring them closer to anyone who wants them so that more and more of us love and defend these breeds.

For further information regarding sustainability and social impact in Gosbi, here is our Sustainability Report.

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