May 18, 2023

Characteristics of the Bichon Frisé

●        Size → Mini

●        Weight → Between 3 and 5 kilograms

●        Height → Between 23 and 30 centimeters

●        Life expectancy → 12-15 years

●        FCI Classification → Group 9, section 1

Origin of the Bichon Frisé

Its origin is somewhat uncertain, although it is believed that its origin comes from Tenerife. Its history dates back to the time of the Roman Empire, when puppies similar to those of today were bred on the islands of the Mediterranean. Still, it was in France that they developed and became popular. In the Middle Ages, the Bichon Frisé was highly prized by the French aristocracy, who had it as a companion dog. Currently, it is a breed much loved for its playful and affectionate character, by all its family.

Character of the bichon frisé

Smart, affectionate and playful, are the three adjectives that best describe this furry. They are very sociable and get along well with humans of all ages, as well as dogs and other animals. They are active and love to play and exercise, so we need to provide them with enough physical and mental activity. They love family life and accompanying them on all their outings, but they also like to be left alone from time to time. On the other hand, they are a very loyal and protective breed with their family, which makes them excellent guard dogs.

Health of the bichon frisé

As a rule, it is a healthy breed, but it can present some problems. Several examples of possible difficulties are, ocular, skin allergies, heart and/or dental diseases. So, providing a balanced diet suitable for your size and age, will keep you in good overall health and you can enjoy your furry happily for many years.

Care of the Bichon Frisé

The Bichon Frisé may need specific care depending on its condition and health.  They adapt to the exercise offered according to family circumstances but need a minimum of half an hour a day. As for their rapid metabolism, as they burn energy at a very high rate and have a very small stomach, we should give them little amount of food but every little time. Small breed foods are specifically designed with adequate proportions of key nutrients and smaller feed grains. On the other hand, as for your hair, they do not fall out and are hypoallergenic, it is also important to brush your hair regularly to avoid tangles and keep it clean and shiny. Finally, it is advisable to clean your ears and teeth regularly.

Care of the Bichon Frisé

És una raça molt intel·ligent i adaptable que pot ser fàcilment entrenada si es fa de forma consistent i positiva. Des de cadellet, és important establir una rutina i ensenyar-lo a socialitzar tant amb gossos com amb persones, en general són molt sociables i els encanta estar en companyia.

L’educació sempre ha de ser positiva, evitant els càstigs físics o verbals. Utilitzar el reforçament positiu amb premis i carícies és la millor recompensa que pot rebre.

Com que és una raça molt sensible, pot ser una mica tímida en algunes situacions, per la qual cosa és important crear un ambient segur i tranquil per al seu entrenament. D’altra banda, alguns exercicis poden fer més temps perquè els aprenguin però s’ha de ser pacient i perseverant.

Ensenyar-lo a fer les seves necessitats al lloc correcte igual que continuar amb l’educació bàsica com seure o que camini amb corretja, farà que tingui una educació completa igual que una bona convivència amb el seu humà.

Bichon Frisé education

It is a very intelligent and adaptable breed that can be easily trained if done consistently and positively. Since puppyhood, it is important to establish a routine and teach him to socialize with dogs and people, generally they are very sociable and love to be in company.

Education should always be positive, avoiding physical or verbal punishment. Using positive reinforcement with rewards and caresses is the best reward you can receive.

Being a very sensitive breed, it can be a bit shy in some situations, so it’s important to create a safe and quiet environment for your training. On the other hand, some exercises may take longer to learn but you have to be patient and persevering.

Teaching him to do his needs in the right place as well as continuing with basic education such as sitting or walking on leash, will make him have a complete education as well as a good coexistence with his human.

Interesting facts

The Bichon Frisé is not only a very sociable, friendly and easy to carry dog, but they also love to be the center of attention wherever they go. They are also a very popular breed in show business and have appeared in films like “Best in Show” and “White Chicks.”  They are such artists!