How to combine the usual dry food with wet food?

May 27, 2021

We usually wonder if we could enrich the diet of our dogs by combining dry and wet food. Gosbi’s dry diet is a complete and balanced food, but we also have the possibility of offering a complete wet diet with Fresko, one of Gosbi’s wet food ranges. Also, within the humid ones, there is the Gosbi Plaisirs, which, in this case, is a complementary food that must always be accompanied by a complete recipe.

The eternal question that many people ask themselves is, how should I combine wet food with dry food so that my dog has a balanced and complete diet? Let’s find out.

First of all, we must consider whether it makes sense to offer wet food to dogs. Wet food is part of the usual diet of 42% of dogs in Europe, and we are not surprised since this type of composition has a high moisture content, which translates into more hydration for the dog, especially important during the hottest months of the year. In addition, the water content preserves the natural flavor of the ingredient, enhancing palatability. The combination of a dry and wet diet allows more variety in the diet of our best friend, offering new flavors through a natural and varied diet.

In Gosbi there are two ranges of wet food for dogs: Fresko and Plaisirs, the latter being a complementary food (not complete).

Gosbi Plaisirs

Combining Gosbi Plaisirs with their usual diet is the most recommended. Our recommendation is that Gosbi Plaisirs substitutes one meal from the regular two, so that one meal is just Gosbi Plaisirs and the other is your usual Gosbi complete food. Plaisirs is a range made from fresh ingredients in its own broth, with exceptional natural palatability, to offer a richer and more varied diet.

Gosbi Fresko

Fresko, unlike Plaisirs, is a complete food with a balanced composition, made from fresh food elaborated in its own broth to maintain the natural flavor of the ingredients. It facilitates the correct nutrition of dogs with dental sensitivity. There are Fresko with nutritional profiles adapted to the needs of each dog.