How can you get your dog’s coat healthy and shiny?

Mar 14, 2017

Taking good care of their dog’s coat is an important issue that concerns dog-owners a lot and is one of the most common issues brought up with vets. That’s why we’re going to give you some tips in this article to get your best friend’s coat shining and looking healthier than ever.

First and foremost, we mustn’t forget that under their coat is their skin. That’s why we need to always bear in mind the use of the right soap for them, to hydrate and nourish their skin at the same time as preventing infections and protecting it from chemical agents that could harm or cause it to become inflamed.

We can also incorporate small things into their daily routine that help their coats grow healthier, stronger and shinier. Starting with regular brushing (once or twice a week), and finishing with bathing them regularly enough to eliminate the accumulation of bacteria and grease in their coats. However, we mustn’t bath them excessively as this can make their skin dry and even cause irritation. Ideally they should be bathed once a month unless they are particularly dirty or have been playing in the mud.

The choice of food also plays an important role in a dog’s coat. If you’re looking for shiny, strong fur you need to choose food with iron, zinc, Omega 6 and vitamin E as well as yeast, ingredients that all the products in our EXCLUSIVE range contain and which will become your no. 1 ally.

To sum up, to get your dog’s coat healthy, strong, soft and shiny there are four aspects you need to take into account: skin care, regular brushing, a bath once a month and the right food. If you follow these tips your dog will thank you for it! He’ll look as healthy on the outside as he is on the inside 🙂How can you get your dog’s coat healthy and shiny?