How can food help us during the de-escalation

Jun 5, 2020

Little by little, the different territories and cities are progressing in the de-escalation phases, thus recovering the routines and rhythms prior to confinement. A few weeks ago, our pets had to adapt suddenly and without notice to have us all day at home. We have shared much more time with them than usual, but as we spend more hours outside they will have to get used to spending time alone and readjust to new schedules.
It is important that the return to the routine is as progressive as possible, without abrupt changes. In this sense, if we are going to vary the meal times of our furry friend with the return to work, it would be ideal to start with the new schedule gradually a few days before to avoid all changes at once.
Meal time is perfect for making enrichment and smell games. We can take advantage of the daily rations so that the dog eats in an interactive way. There are many toys that we can fill with feed, or we can make ourselves with towels and boxes that we have at home. In this way we get the dog to be more active and entertained, in addition to having a great time.
One of the main concerns is how we get our pets back to being alone at home. Again, interactive toys filled with food or healthy treats can help make this transition more enjoyable. We can leave them ready before leaving home to be found during our absence. This will keep them entertained and will help reduce their anxiety, making the situation more positive. Your trusted specialized point of sale will be able to recommend the most suitable toy for your dog.
Always remember to subtract from the daily ration the amount of food administered during games. Keeping your pet at the ideal weight is fundamental to take care of his health.
Dog educators have shared many games of smell and environmental enrichment during these days of quarantine, which of course will be very useful also after confinement. Even so, if you suspect that your dog may have any behavior problem, it is always recommended to contact a professional as soon as possible to help you solve it.