Tips for your dog to spend a more relaxed Sant Joan

Jun 21, 2021

Sant Joan is back, and our tips are also back to make this day more enjoyable for our furry ones. Because as you know, fireworks and the noise of the firecrackers terrify many dogs, who spend one of the worst nights of the year.

There are no miracles to combat this phobia quickly, easily and in a completely effective way, but there are some things we can do to help your pet get through this moment with minimal suffering.


It is important to follow the animal instinct, and try to find solutions by payin attention to their needs. When a dog is scared and afraid, their natural tendency will lead them to seek for a small cave or nest, or a safe space to stay while they are scared. To achieve this, we will look for a quiet room that our pet likes, ideally it will be the place where the noises from outside are less heard. We will put a bed in which so the dog can be comfortable, and feel protected, with a blanket with their smell so that they can understand that this will be their corner. You can hide kibbles, leave a toy or treat to nibble on, or hide inside their favorite interactive toy for them to find. We can also put on quiet music, the radio or a fan to help the dog relax and minimize background noise.

The goal is to give a positive sense to their safety corner. In no way we have to force the dog to go to this space: the best thing is to leave positive elements and let them discover the space autonomously.


You are the reference of your dog. The calmer they see you, the more security you will convey. It is very important not to get angry with them, since everything they are doing is the result of panic and they are not conscious. Scolding them can further fuel their terror.

If possible, it will be good to take a good walk before the explosions begin. After the walk give them their ration of food and fresh water so that the dog is fully pleased and can relax.

When the time comes, let your pet get comfortable in his safe corner. Ideally, you should be there so that they feel protected, but without overconsoling them, since you could be reinforcing the fearful behavior.


There are several all-natural products that can help keep your dog in a calmer state. Supplements based on plant extracts, synthetic pheromone diffusers, aromatherapy … there are multiples formed that can serve us for this purpose. Your trusted veterinarian or specialized store will give you all the information in this regard.