When the summer holidays start and we decide to take our companions travelling with us we need to consider their needs and therefore plan the trip carefully.

DOCUMENTATION: Prepare the necessary documentation for your pet. If you are travelling on public or shared transport, check their rules and requirements, in addition to those of hotels and campsites.

SAFETY: Whether you will be travelling by car or plane, your dog or cat will have to be secured. If you are travelling by car you can use a dog seat belt or carrier (you’ll need to get them used to it beforehand, you can try putting their favourite blanket inside or a toy to make it more familiar). Most importantly, remove any collars or chains as they could strangle themselves and also check that the carrier has no surface against which they could rub or injure themselves. If you think getting them into the carrier will be difficult, put them in before you leave the house.

WALK THEM BEFORE: If it’s going to be a long trip, it’s best to tire your companion out beforehand so they suffer less anguish. Even if they are used to travelling, the tireder they are, the quicker the journey will pass.

TOILET NEEDS: Take advantage of the long walk to tire them out and let them do their business before starting the journey. In the case of cats, make sure they also do their business beforehand.

FOOD: They may get travel sick so make sure they eat a couple of hours before you start your journey.

DRINK: On the other hand, try to have fresh water to give them now and then to avoid them becoming dehydrated.

SEDATION: If your furry friend has a very nervous disposition you can give them some type of homoeopathic sedative or medication. Always check with your vet first. If they are nervous, transmit calm and positivity through your attitude.

And remember, if you are travelling by car, never leave them alone inside!