Is it better to have one cat or two?

Sep 9, 2021

It is a question that people who live with cats tend to ask themselves often. When we have a cat many times we doubt if they would feel more comfortable if they had company, and with it, the work that would mean for us to go from having a furry one, or two.

First, we must know our cat well, since in general, and leaving individual peculiarities aside, cats are not as sociable as dogs. They can get stressed when there are sudden changes in their environment since they are animals that like to have the situation under control. This does not mean that they are surly, or not sociable, simply that we must consider all the conditions well before making decisions that may affect them.

Can I adopt another cat at home?

The first thing we must ask ourselves is whether we can really adopt another animal and have them in the best conditions. Another cat requires space, it will need its own feeder, waterer, and litter box. It is especially important in the beginning that cats feel that each one has control over themselves, since, if not, it can lead to stressful situations.

We also must consider that another cat will require his visits to the vet. They must always be attended, and we must have the resources to be able to do so.
Will my cat react well to a new furry friend?

If we are sure about all the above, we have to consider whether our cat will accept another feline companion well. They can become inseparable best friends, but if they are not used to sharing spaces, maybe it can backfire. Nobody knows your cat better than you to detect its needs.

The best thing for them to learn to live together is to let them mold themselves to each other, to have their own things, and to intervene the least when there are disputes, since they must learn to manage themselves. We are only going to intervene if the situation escalates putting one of the two animals at risk.

Advantages of having two cats

Once we decide to adopt another cat and there is a good adaptation, we will notice great advantages for both cats. Between them, the two cats will feel more accompanied by someone of the same species, therefore they will be less bored.

They will play more and avoid falling into monotony, this will help both stay in shape through games. In addition, by playing together they will properly channel their predatory instincts, which will be less present with the human family.

I’ve never had cats, two better than one?

If we still do not have any cats and we are considering adopting them together, it can be a very good idea if they are young and even better if they are siblings. This way we will avoid adaptation problems and we will have all the advantages of having two kittens together.