Pets and children: A forever friendship and plenty of benefits

Mar 2, 2023

There are many of us who live with one or several pets at home and who know the benefits of this relationship with them, we have adapted to a lifestyle that includes our furry friends and we feel happy by their side. However, there may be times when we are stricken with doubt and fear, and one of them may be the arrival of a new human member at home, that is, a baby. 

Is it good for a baby or child to live with an animal?

“Is it safe for a newborn to live with animals?, What will happen when he or she grows up?, How are we going to combine family life with taking care of a baby and our pets?”, and surely a long etcetera of questions. 

First of all, we can tell you that you are probably facing a potential beautiful friendship, which will bring you plenty of benefits and endless good times, not only to your human “puppies”, but also to your four-legged friends and family group. Would you like to know why? Keep reading!

Benefits for physical and mental health

The main concern of many families is what consequences this coexistence can have on the health of their offspring. But we have good news. According to the scientific community, daily contact with animals helps strengthen the baby’s immune system, making it less at risk of respiratory diseases and developing allergies. It is also proven that stress and depression are much less present in children who have grown up and live with pets, thanks to the confidence and security they generate in children. And do not forget the amount of physical activity that they will perform while playing, being chased and during walks, which you can adapt to the age of the baby or child.

But having animals at home goes beyond being positive for the physical and mental health of children. A “multi-species” family that adapts its activities and plans so that all members can participate will be a physically active family, one that plays and is united, sharing many fun, endearing and exciting moments, which will help create a family environment based on respect, affection and joy. All this will strengthen and increase self-esteem in our offspring and help them in their social skills, since during a routine activity such as going for a walk with our dog it is very easy to bump into with other people who do the same, and with whom your child will socialize; or that the child shares  anecdotes about his pets with his schoolmates or friends, or other family members.

Learning to respect and care

And what about learning? Well, here we can tell you that a child who grows up with animals at home, and together with adequate adult guiding, he or she will acquire a series of responsibilities and values naturally, such as feeding them, giving them affection, respecting them, taking care of their health and hygiene and managing their biological needs. In short, to be generous and to think of others, since they will soon realize that there is another being at home that needs attention. 

Happy pets!

And finally, but also very important: the coexistence between pets and children is not only beneficial unilaterally for the child, but also for your furry friends! According to a study conducted by the Humane Society (Missouri, United States), animals tend to feel less anxiety and greater well-being when they perform activities accompanied by the human “puppy” of the family, with whom they also feel a special connection.

Guide them during the process

However, you must remember that, as adults, it is very important that you guide your little ones and your pets in this process so that the relationship between them goes in this direction and is oriented towards good lifestyle habits: physical activity, respect and responsibility, health and hygiene, and healthy nutrition. To do this, you can count on the different solutions offered by Gosbi, adapted to each type of dog and cat and their specific needs.