We want to give back to animals everything they have given to us. A family business.
Founded in 2003 that is firmly commited to quality, honesty and respect for animals.

Elaboración a fuego lento

Alimentación de calidad

Mediterranean diet

Respetuoso con el medio ambiente

Health and well-being

Sana, segura, sabrosa

About Gosbi

We are a family business founded in 2003 that is firmly committed to quality, honesty and respect for animals
We currently have over 300 references and are present in over 45 countries.

100% natural

the highest quality standards with the utmost care in every detail and offering natural, healthy and environmentally friendly food.
Based on the Mediterranean diet. Animal health and welfare are our main objectives. Slow cooking processes

No artificial preservatives

No artificial colouring

No artificial flavors

GMO Free

Control of purity and nutritional quality

Transparent information

A different way

We are sure that business goes beyond results accounts and statistics, and that we can grow sustainably.
There is a different way of doing things, and this is the spirit that has inspired us all these years to stay true to our principles.

Our backbone

rises from the values that represent us, and that is why all the people who make up Gosbi work with this mindset every day.
Social responsibility is not the work of a department, but is intrinsic in all the activities and processes of the company.

We trust those who know best

We protect local commerce, that's why we only distribute to specialized stores and veterinarians. This allows for professional advice to help choose the best product for each animal.

Primer fabricante español certificado por PETA

(People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

The largest worldwide organization dedicated to establishing and protecting the rights of animals, for not performing animal tests at any time in the process of conception and production of our products.
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