Our purpose of offering families solutions so that they can live a more natural, healthy, and happy life with their pets, is the engine that makes keeps us going every day. It is also the embryo of our Impact and Sustainability strategy, because to live a healthy and healthy life, the quality of the product we use is key, but at the same time, a safe environment is also necessary.

In other words, we want to take a step back to look at the global nature of our activity, and not limit it to the product, but also consider the world in which we live, leaving the minimum impact so that it becomes the best possible place to house life and a home for all the people, plants, and animals on the planet.

Analyzing the business model from start to end, we consider that the sustainability strategy needs to be approached holistically, without focusing on a single department, but applying it to all the processes and actions that are carried out every day at Gosbi.

We currently break down our production process into the following areas to work on sustainability from the root:


Our environmental commitment is a priority, and we know that acting in accordance with sustainability is our duty. At Gosbi there are hundreds of processes happening at the same time, and we analyze them in order to reduce, as much as possible, the environmental footprint generated inside and outside our facilities.

  • Waste management: reduce, reuse, recycle
  • Green energy thanks to photovoltaic panels
  • More sustainable packaging

Supply chain

We know the importance of the supply chain when it comes to adding value to our community and being able to count on a final product of the best possible quality. That is why we take care of the entire chain from the beginning to the end, considering the closest community and our environment.

  • Local and proximity resources
  • Clean transport with ProEco Transport

For further information regarding sustainability and social impact in Gosbi, here is our Sustainability Report.

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